Call of Duty MW 2 (2022) No Recoil

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Call of Duty MW 2 No Recoil Description

Our No Recoil Macro is compatible with any type of mouse, so you don’t need to buy a special mouse to play Call of Duty MW2 with a no recoil script! Macro has implemented humanization and smoothening.

RoyalRecoil’s Call of Duty MW2 (2022) No Recoil software is a very useful tool for all gamers. With this tool you are able to greatly reduce recoil while shooting, way better then with classic mouse macros. It is an external program which does not interfere with game files, what makes this tool much safer than any type of cheat. It is easy to install and use.

After purchase you will receive a special tutorial on how to use the macro, as well as our support if you have any issues or questions.

Video Presentation

Weapons included


TAQ 56



STB 556













PDSW 528


SO 14

VEL 46


HCR 56





X13 Auto

Macro has configuration file in which you can set all multipliers. This means, that you can adjust macro to ANY in-game settings, any attachments and any scopes!



We are offering three different licence options, for different periods of time: 30 days, 45 days or 60 days. Licence is HWID locked, so the program can be used only on one PC.


Our Call of Duty MW2 no recoil macro is an external program, which doesn’t interfere with game files. It also uses a movement humanizer, which makes it much safer. Moreover macros are soft, this means that the screen shaking is less noticeable compared to other macro providers.

In-game settings

COD Modern Warfare 2 Macro is optimized for default in-game settings (mouse sensitivity, FOV, etc.). If you want to change mouse sensitivity it is recommended to change mouse DPI. You can still modify the values in setting and check whether it works for you.

How to install and use?

After purchase you will get access to our How to install and How to use tutorials. In case you’ll miss it, enter My account and click Tutorials from the menu.

About COD MW2

cod mw2 no recoil

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 No Recoil is a direct continuation of the first part of the 2019 sub-series, so it will be a classic, first-person shooter with action elements. In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II no recoil, the player takes on the role of the operators of the strike group 141 to hit the middle of a global conflict of an unprecedented scale. This time the soldiers will have to face an underground, mysterious military organization with great influence. Of course, the game will also be able to play multiplayer games. The basic mode will consist of duels against other players in teams of several people. In addition, we will get the Special Ops mode, in which we will perform specially prepared missions together with two other people. In addition, the production is created in such a way as to integrate with the multiplayer mode in Call of Duty: Warzone 2.
In multiplayer of cod mw2 no recoil, there are also new movement mechanics, such as an overhang from a ledge where you can fire a weapon, and the ability to lean forward while running to get out of the line of fire. You will also be able to lean out of the car windows (to fire weapons) and even climb onto their roofs. One of the new modes is Prisoner Rescue, which is played in the 6v6 formula. The attackers must find the hostages, pick them up and take them out of the building. The defenders must prevent them from doing so. The Invasion mode in cod mw2 no recoil, a deathmatch with computer-controlled opponents, has also been announced.

Macro is dedicated for testing purposes only. Do not use in game.

7 reviews for Call of Duty MW 2 (2022) No Recoil

  1. BFLover78

    Best script ever. you can adjust everything to your own setting and attachments.

  2. Stephen C

    Good, pls add aimbot

    • admin

      Hello, it’s no recoil macro. Great thing for safety 🙂

  3. AlbertoDzungla

    Received key very quick. No problems on W11 with corsair mouse.

  4. IranianSoldier1121

    Worth the price. v good easy to instal. and I better in game.

  5. Juan Garcia

    He usado MW macro antes. Ahora compré MW2 y es aún mejor.

  6. Shhakir9972

    On the internet you can see many providers of macros, and you finally found THE BEST one. This site might be not that fancy but the quality it provides is crazy worth for price 😀 😀 😀

  7. Tomi Xiaom

    I was asked to do a honest review so there we go xd. Overally setup is pretty easy, you get software and license key. Then you just run a macro and it works really well. Default macro configuration is AWESOME, honestly you don’t have to change anything and you can see that they put hours worth of work to this no recoil. If you want you can quickly change multipliers in case you want to use some sights like 4x. I would rate it 9.5/10 cause there is always a room for improvement, but tbh Idk what can they do better.
    Recoil compensation is GREAT and humanization provides extra safety.

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