Is your macro compatible with my mouse?

Yes, our Recoil Compensation software works with every mouse!

Is your macro safe?

We use the most advanced methods to make this macro as safe as possible. Macro also has different recoil patterns on every PC and build-in humanization. This makes every product unique and personalized.

Does your Macro need to run as Admin?

Yes, our macro needs to run as Admin, because some games also run in Admin mode.

How to install and use?

After purchase you can access tutorials via My Account page.

Can I use macro on different/many PC?

Our macro is locked to PC Hardware ID. This means that you can only use our product on the PC you activated it on.
Please do not reinstall system/change your hardware components/change PC during license or it will get terminated.

When will my license start?

Your license will start after we reply to your ticket. So don’t worry, you will get as many days as you purchased it for.

My antivirus is blocking macro

In 99% of cases it won’t happen. Our Macro is clean and tested for viruses. If it happen, it’s false positive and you should turn your antivirus off or whitelist our macro.

How long will my license last?

You can buy macro for 30 days, 45 days and 60 days. Your license will last the time you have bought it for.

My macro sometimes won't stop shooting

This usually won’t happen, but if it does, please click Left Mouse Button.

Can I get banned?

We will be honest. We have hundreds of happy customers and none of them was banned. Macro doesn’t interfere with game. This means that we are really the safest on the internet! There is always a chance but it’s very very low. We do our best to make this macro as safe as possible!

Site & Support

How long will it take Royal Recoil to answer my ticket?

We will do our best to answer your ticket as fast as possible. Usually it will take few hours but in extreme cases can take up to 48h. We have to check every ticket manually.

Do i need to create an account?

Account creation is required during checkout. Later you can login into your account to access downloads, send ticket for serial number or see tutorials.